Fun STEM Puzzles For Kids 2 – 8!

  • Shape Sorters, Construction Toys & Building Play Sets
  • Quickly Develop Problem Solving & Motor Skills
  • Compatible with Lego®Duplo® & Mega Bloks® Bricks

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  • Fun STEM Puzzles For Kids 2 – 8
  • Shape Sorters, Construction Toys & Building Play Sets
  • Quickly Develop Problem Solving & Motor Skills
  • Compatible with Lego®Duplo® & Mega Bloks® Bricks

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STEM Puzzles for “Mom, Look What I Made!” Moments:

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Brick Mates - Create Your Own Designs - Dinosaur
BrickMates - Template - Stack By Numbers
Create Your Own Designs - Brick Mates - Robot
Create Your Own Designs - Brick Mates - Cupcake


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Download Your STEM Puzzle Workbook Template Now!

Stack By Numbers

Creative Construction Puzzle Learning Toy Building Play Set Activity For Kids 5,6,7,8

THE IDEAL CREATIVE TOY TO DEVELOP PROBLEM-SOLVING & MOTOR SKILLS IN KINDERGARTEN AGE KIDS 5 & UP:  Fun, educational and helps boys & girls quickly reach age-appropriate milestones such as Cognitive Educational, Emotional & Physical Skills.  Collect all 4!


  • Easy to snap down and take apart interlocking toy bricks
  • Quickly reach age-appropriate development milestones
  • Create wall worthy 3D art with included snap-on wall hanger
  • Compatible with other popular brick playsets
  • Includes extra bricks just in case you lose a few
  • Comes with zip top storage bag
  • Ideal travel puzzle set, pieces stay in place


  1. Clear base plate reveals a full color, numbered template.
  2. Follow the number pattern for how high to stack your bricks.
  3. The color fields tell you which color bricks to use.
  4. Make your art more detailed & realistic by placing the puffy stickers on top of the bricks.
  5. Hang your masterpiece on the wall with included snap-on wall hanger!

Develop Your Little One’s Problem Solving & Motor Skills

Lock & Learn

Shape Sorter Matching Blocks Puzzle Play Set Activity For Toddlers 2+

THE IDEAL SHAPE MATCHING PUZZLE FOR TODDLER AGE KIDS 2 & UP: Fun and educational helping boys & girls quickly reach age-appropriate milestones such as Cognitive, Educational, Emotional & Physical Skills.  Learn Numbers, Letters, Colors, Shapes, Patterns & Orientation. Collect them all!


  • Easy to snap down & take apart interlocking toy blocks
  • Quickly reach age-appropriate development milestones
  • The blocks are dishwasher safe
  • Blocks pop up gently with pop up tabs
  • Compatible with other popular brick playsets
  • Conveniently stores vertically or horizontally
  • Ideal travel puzzle set, pieces stay in place


  1. Simply align a puzzle piece with the corresponding shape on the baseboard.
  2. Push the piece down to snap it to the baseboard. Continue until all pieces are in place and your puzzle is complete.
  3. Once finished, push down on the white tabs on the left and right side at the same time and the puzzle blocks will gently “POP” off to play again. 
  • OR, remove the background and you have a platform to explore endless possibilities with your own brick playsets. 

Less Screen Time, More Puzzles!

Helps Quickly Develop Age-Appropriate Essential Skills

Brick Mates effectively helps improve your child’s:

Cognitive Skills

Cognitive Skills

Learn Problem-Solving & Early Engineering: Your child will identify that pushing bricks down locks them in place, popping them up is easier than dumping & that the art will not look the same if the bricks aren’t in place.

Emotional Skills

Emotional Skills

Learn Patience, Self-Esteem & Coping Skills: An important emotional milestone is learning how to cope when something doesn’t work right away as well as the patience to figure out the solution and achieve success.

Educational Skills

Educational Skills

Learn Science, Math & Art:  Your child will learn what numbers represent, use scientific strategies to solve the puzzles, shape sorting, counting & qualifying in addition to infusing imagination & art appreciation.

Physical Skills

Physical Skills

Develop Strong Motor Skills:  Hold Bricks, position them, snap them down, turn them to line up the edges & more. No directions, needed, your creative little one will figure it out through brain building trial and error.   

You Won’t Step On These Bricks!  Put Them Away And The Pieces Stay!


What People Are Saying…

Parents, Teachers & Doctors alike love Brick Mates and so do the little ones!

  • What a delight it was to watch a number of children play with Brick Mates!  No screens, no sequins and no television characters.  But more importantly, these toys naturally engage a number of cognitive areas at once:  visuospatial functioning, executive functioning (planning and organization) as well as higher order categorization and even early language skills.  Brick mates, like Legos, move seamlessly from more organized, step-by-step driven tasks to free-form creative play.  These are brain-building toys that can be used independently, cooperatively or even therapeutically.  I can’t say enough about them, they’re magic.

    Melinda Kulish, Ph.D
    Instructor, Harvard Medical School
    Neuropsychologist and Clinical Psychologist
  • We have BrickMates Stack By Numbers and Lock and Learn at my Daycare and the kids LOVE them!  Our kids often ask to take them home to play with them and I was told by a few parents that their child had asked for them. The best part about each puzzle is the children are learning patience, math skills, abstract and critical thinking throughout their “play time”. The teachers are very happy that it’s not another project to clean up since the blocks snap into place on the board. Everyone is happy and that is hard to achieve these days! 

    Janna Chadbourne
    Daycare Teacher
  • I’m an Elementary Educator licensed K-8, and have been using Brick Mates as a learning tool with my kiddo that I tutor. It is a great game break that is fun while building hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, works on following directions while tracking the numbers of the color pieces, and patterns. No mess! Awesome! Highly recommend!! I would like another!!

    Jennifer Divito-kansky
    Elementary School Teacher


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STEM Learning

Brick Mates® puzzles and activity toys offer an introduction to early STEM learning through brain-building play.



Brick Mates® inspire curiosity & challenge 3 to 9-year-olds to explore, experiment, observe, question, compare, predict & share discoveries. Brick Mates® provides both 2D & 3D context that helps them to make sense of the world as they figure out & apply what they are learning to more advanced play.



Early engineering doesn’t involve screen time. It starts with putting things together, like blocks, connecting bricks or puzzles, shape sorting and figuring out how things work. Brick Mates® pieces fit together and they’re compatible with other brick and brick playsets on the market. Brick Mates® help children develop spatial skills while improving fine motor skills.



Brick Mates® is a wonderful intro to technology. Children discover that it’s more efficient and more fun to pop-up all of the Lock and Learn puzzle pieces at once by pushing on the tabs.  Or, with Stack By Numbers, kids learn they can create more detailed & realistic art by placing the included stickers on top of the bricks.



Kids learn by doing, which is why Brick Mates® are perfect toys for teaching math and reinforcing math concepts with kinesthetic learning. It’s easier for early learners to understand “2” when they can hold a three dimensional number “2” in their hand, fit it into a “2” space on the baseboard and count the two animals on the Lock N Learn puzzle.