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  • What a delight it was to watch a number of children play with Brick Mates!  No screens, no sequins and no television characters.  But more importantly, these toys naturally engage a number of cognitive areas at once:  visuospatial functioning, executive functioning (planning and organization) as well as higher order categorization and even early language skills.  Brick mates, like Legos, move seamlessly from more organized, step-by-step driven tasks to free-form creative play.  These are brain-building toys that can be used independently, cooperatively or even therapeutically.  I can’t say enough about them, they’re magic.

    Melinda Kulish, Ph.D
    Instructor, Harvard Medical School
  • We have BrickMates Stack By Numbers and Lock and Learn at my Daycare and the kids LOVE them!  Our kids often ask to take them home to play with them and I was told by a few parents that their child had asked for them. The best part about each puzzle is the children are learning patience, math skills, abstract and critical thinking throughout their “play time”. The teachers are very happy that it’s not another project to clean up since the blocks snap into place on the board. Everyone is happy and that is hard to achieve these days! 

    Janna Chadbourne
    Daycare Teacher
  • I’m an Elementary Educator licensed K-8, and have been using Brick Mates as a learning tool with my kiddo that I tutor. It is a great game break that is fun while building hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, works on following directions while tracking the numbers of the color pieces, and patterns. No mess! Awesome! Highly recommend!! I would like another!!

    Jennifer Divito-kansky
    Elementary School Teacher